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Inspirit: Cherubs in Training


We are excited to share with you a project we have developed over the past several decades.  It is our lifelong legacy to bring this into fruition; as it is a project that is close to our hearts and a labor of love to teach children of all ages about our guardian angels and their role in our lives.  Our mission is to provide a map with important keys that will assist each soul on its journey back to Heaven.  We have created 7 cherub angels that are led by a beautiful Seraphim angel as a guiding mother.  This webpage will show you our vision for how we see this  multi-media project touching the lives of children of any denomination throughout the world.

Imagine an enlightenment training camp in Heaven inspiring cherubs  to become guardian angels, guiding souls on earth back to their eternal resting  place.  “Inspirit: Cherubs in Training” is an original multi-media experience  educating society about virtues needed to live a morally spiritual life in a  materialistic world. The completed manuscript has an approximate word count of  34,128 and the target market launch is elementary/middle  school grades although the project is universal and timeless.

Living in a world where vampires and magic encompasses our thoughts and imaginations, “Inspirit: Cherubs in Training” will infiltrate this facade and bring to light the true ancient reality. By intertwining fact and  fiction, this story unveils how seven cherubs representing different virtues,  will complete their mission of helping souls find the keys of a treasure map,  unlocking the portal of the Heavenly realm of Inspirit.

Since humanity needs to embrace this Truth by  allowing these  virtues to be a moral compass, we feel compelled to write these messages that  will contribute to the fundamental growth of future generations.
Based on  Biblical accuracy and the universality of angels and how they interacted with  humans, “Inspirit: Cherubs in Training” capitalizes on the truths society yearns  for during these apocalyptic times.

Since God has given each of us a guardian  angel to help guide us on earth, we focus just on seven:
Peter Patience, Laja Love, Chloe Charity, Thomas Truth, Jesse Justice, Francesca Faith and Hannah  Hope. We have created  these 7 cherub angels that are led by a beautiful Seraphim.  The story is told by Archangel Uriel and is called "Inspirit".   We are currently in development for various multimedia formats and are in search of gifted artists to help us. 


Through numerous on-air interviews and multi-media endevours, we have been able  to create an awareness for the sanctity  of life through the exemplification of  the virtues inspired by the spiritual assistance of the holy angels.  We have complete copyright of all  or characters and intellectual property and have had enormous response from the  test markets we  have already worked with. In addition, coupled with the  collaboration of an  expert and Doctor of Educational Development for Children we are confident that the project has a foundational  strength for children and young adults to grow from.

Together, we believe  this project is an opportunity to inspire children everywhere. If you can change the life of one child, you can change the world.  We love angels and believe that living a virtuous life will bring peace to the world and give one the grace to get to Heaven.  Angels guide us to those virtues.  We all have choices and the angels help us make the right ones. Please contact us for more information.

Angels and Virtues


Every soul has been given an angel to guard and protect them. God has also entrusted His angels with guiding His children to help them  overcome any obstacles they are facing, but most importantly, to teach them virtues. Virtues are standards for living life with moral excellence. When a person practices virtues, they build a foundation that will help them make good choices. The more virtuous a person is, the more their love for God and their neighbors grow. Until one day, they reach Heaven. There are many levels or realms in Heaven. One of the realms, we call Inspirit. Inspirit means to enlighten, illuminate, and fill with spirit.


 The cherubs rally together to bring joy to the hearts of one little girl who has had so much sadness in her life, and one little boy who sees the world through dark colored glasses. Can they forge together to help the children on their adventure to find the treasures of a secret map found in an old attic? Or will the darkness of these children’s lives mask the joy that lies before them? With the help of the cherubs, the lives of these two children and others become intertwined with hope and healing emerging as their adventure unfolds. With the clues that have been passed down through the history of their ancestors, the children embark on a quest to find the keys that will unlock the doors to a world beyond their greatest imaginations and bring their dreams to life.

Inspirit: For the Children by the Children

We have launched this project as an experiential learning endevour. We are grateful to have the opportunity to have your children become a part of Inspirit: Cherubs in Training. Once the children have created
the stories using our character descriptions and illustrated them, a book will be published for the parents to
purchase.  10% of the proceeds will go to the school, community, or non-profit organization,  while the rest goes back into spreading God’s Word through this project.

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